Hi! I'm Hannah :)

My name is Hannah, Im a 19 year old artist and ceramicist and I plan to have a big beautiful community art studio by the time I’m 20!

When I was 11, my mom signed me up for a beginners pottery class at Taos Clay in my birthplace of New Mexico. I was by far the youngest in the class, but I learned fast, and found the limitless possibilities of clay that other mediums might lack. I was so drawn to that fact- that you could make anything of of this incredible material, with so much freedom, that I took another class. And then another. When I moved to Canada to start high school, I was very pleased that they offered ceramics as an elective. I took that class twice throughout my high school years and then followed my graduation with a 10 month Ceramic program at Selkirk College. Since then, I have been working to create and foster a unique collaborative arts studio in my small hometown of Ymir BC. Since November of 2021, I have had this studio functional and open to the community, providing classes and workshops as well as artists residencies to jewellers, textiles, acrylic and oil paint artists as well as of course other ceramicists. It is my dream that this studio can expand to host other mediums as well as potentially become a model for other rural communities in support and perusal of the arts. 

There are so many connections and analogies between making pottery and life but for me, clay represents what the world has given you and its your choice of what and how much you can make out of it.